Welcome to Twilio Wrapper Library For thinQ LCR integration

Twilio Wrapper Library is just written for the purpose to bring a new level of ease to the developers who deal with Twilio integration with thinQ LCR system.

The initiative of this library is based on the demand to write a module for website solutions that implements a feature which in turn enables the end users of the system to call their dedicated thinQ LCR service line directly.

Note that you will need a valid LCR Account with thinQ before using the libraries. For more information please contact your thinQ Sales representative at http://www.thinq.com/library/

Here's a simple scenario:

  • A end user visits your website. e.g. http://www.example.org
  • He navigates through the pages and comes to have some questions to ask.
  • Although there's customer contact page on the website, he sees a form from which he can initiate a call directly.
  • He puts his number and click the 'call' button, he will receive a follow up call on his phone.
  • Upon acceptance of the call, he will be friendly directed to thinQ line.

So what does it do exactly?

  • Built a wrapper class that wraps all twilio-related operations such as Service Initialization, Making a Call, Generating Twiml callback response, etc.
  • It provides a rich set of configuration parameters.
  • That's it! Developers can intialize this wrapper class obejct with his specific details (incl. Twilio credentials) and just do what he wants in a breeze.

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Documentation source is on @github

Authored by @Fujio Harou, 2015